Mark Lindsay

CSIRO Mineral Resources, Kensington, Western Australia

Mark is currently a CSIRO Mineral Resources Digital Science Lead. He is a geoscientist whose research interests include understanding the complexities of uncertainty in 2/3D geoscientific modelling throughout the various scales and phases of mining and exploration. He is working toward a stochastic approach to modelling that attempts to understand the importance of different data types in answering interdisciplinary questions and providing support for decision-making. Mark has extensive experience integrating diverse data sets for interpretation, mineral systems and prospectivity studies while working with a number of geological surveys, leading mining organisations and various academic institutions around the world. Mark participates in a number of national and international research initiatives such as the Data Analytics for Resources and Environment (DARE) Training Centre, Loop Consortium and MinEx CRC. In his role as Science Leader in Mineral Resources – “Minerals 4D”, Mark will work across capability boundaries to bring deeper understanding of the links between the data we collect and the geological phenomena they represent.

Propagating Uncertainty through the Minerals Pipeline: from regional prospectivity to the (conveyor) belt.

Mark’s presentation explores how the MPM community may increase the relevance of regional scale predictions and uncertainty quantification to other activities in the minerals value chain. Opportunities exist to provide an ‘early warning’ to mine planners to how their mine may operate if the appropriate data is collected during the exploration phase. We can start to produce additional metrics from predictions in addition to mineral ‘potential’ or ‘prospectivity’ for a more comprehensive assessment of ground for sustainable metal liberation