Keynote Talks

1 November 2022

Graham Lederer

U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, USA

Christopher Lawley

Natural Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2 November 2022

Mark Lindsay

CSIRO Mineral Resources, Kensington, Western Australia

Patrice de Caritat

Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia

MinProXT 2022 will features invited and non-invited talks by eminent scientists from the mineral exploration industry, research organizations and academic institutions. The primary objective of the webinar is to present ideas on the varied topics related to mineral prospectivity analyses and exploration targeting. The webinar aims to be a confluence point to foster open discussions and interaction between the predictive mapping research experts, the public sector organization executives, and the experienced professionals from the mining and mineral exploration industry.

The abstracts related of all presentations will be compiled into a book of proceedings of MinProXT 2022 and released online after the webinar by GTK.